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Presented here is a study tool for those Tripoli Members going after their Level 2 certification. Tripoli requires a two step process to obtain Level 2 status. The first part is to pass a written test. The second part is to successfully Build, Launch and Recover a rocket powered by a J, K or L Class motor. The second part is easy. The first part can be easy as well using this handy On-Line Level 2 Study Test.

This test is broken into two sections, as is the real Level 2 Test, that of Technical and Safety. The real test asks only 25 random questions out of 50 total for the Technical part, Then it asks 25 of the Safety questions, again out of the possible 50. This On-Line test asks all 50 technical questions and all 50 Safety question. You may answer some or all, you may chose Technical or Safety. It is self running and easy to do. At the end you are "graded" and shown the right answers for any questions you may have gotten wrong.

If you want to go for your Tripoli Level 2 Certification use this to practice and don't be intimidated. Try answering all 50 questions from each section. If you get any wrong, as stated, it will give you the right answer AND why! Let's go for it. This is good for those who already have their Level 2 - how well do you remember?!? Start by clicking on the button below.